Relkor Cloud Solutions

Create a better customer experience for clients while boosting productivity and getting more done in less time with the latest in advanced cloud-based solutions that work. We specialize in the adoption of Salesforce for cohesive collaborations with partners and next-level connections with customers.

Sales Cloud

Grow your business, boost productivity, automatically log sales activity and end repetitive tasks, all while optimizing sales cloud

Service Cloud

Increase customer satisfaction, case managment, engage with your customers with the right answers, faster

Experience Cloud

Create secure websites, portals, and apps. Extending your data and processes creating an unique experince with your customers

Field Service

Schedule seamliessly based on your requirements, optimized scheduling and dispatching, intelligent asset management


Help Your Business

Thrive Like Never Before

Getting started with Salesforce is easier than ever with Relkor.

We leverage our first-hand experience with the CRM system to assist our clients with integrating it into their regular business operations.

From setting up your account to utilizing the many convenient solutions available, we provide the expert training needed to make using the system more enjoyable.